UFN 139 might not have been the most stacked card in recent memory but it sure was good from a betting perspective. We ended up a whopping +8.84 units on the card. As I suspected, it was a good card from a betting perspective. Eric Shelton and Moffett came through and GDR basically walked through Raquel as I expected. She should have been closer to -500 than -200 in hindsight. Since we started our premium UFC service we have been killing it.

Anyway, enough about last night what about UFN 140?

Lamas is someone I looked at but… -250? It’s too much juiceĀ  and I have a hard time seeing the value here, he’s my pick to win but I’m not going to recommend it.

I think a small bet on Magny is deserved at these odds. At +275 it’s hard not to bet on him. He’s definitely not my pick but he’s certainly a live dog and the odds are basically implying he only 26.67% chance. I think this fight is closer to 65-35 in Santiago’s favor.

Bet: 0.5u @ Magny +275.

Otherwise, I see many great value picks on this card but they are for premium members only.

Good luck!