UFC 232 Betting Tips

Finally! We get to see the rematch between Jones and Gustafsson. Besides a very interesting main event we have many entertaining fights and lots of interesting value spots.

Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson Betting Tips

I’ve gone back on forth on who I think won the first fight but in the end it doesn’t really matter, the first fight didn’t have a clear winner. You definitely saw Jones for once struggling in the striking department when he couldn’t use his massive reach advantage. He should be more well prepared this time but on the other hand it’s likely he will be fighting clean given what’s on stake.

He’s gotten caught twice for using PEDs and one must assume that he was on something the first time they fight, which also happened pre-USADA. Will Jones really risk fighting on PEDs a third time? I doubt it and I have no idea how a clean Jones will look like. Some speculate he was fighting clean against OSP and that’s why he looked subpar.

Given the unknown factors surrounding this fight and the fact the first was so even I have no idea how anybody can pay close to -300 for backing Jones. I understand Alex didn’t look as impressive in his fights afterwards and Jones kept being a dominant fighter but still you’re giving a lot of credit to Jones given the betting odds. In fact, I think it’s worth to take a stab at Alex at +245.

1u @ Alex +245

Amanda Nunes vs Cristiane Justino

Rarely do I get excited for WMMA but man I’m really looking forward to this fight. I think that Cyborg will completely run over Nunes and -250 it’s an easy bet to make.

3u @ Cristiane Justino