TUF Finale 28 and UFN 142 Betting Tips

We got 2 cards this weekend and they present some very good betting opportunities.

Junior Dos Santos vs Tai Tuivasa

JDS is a tricky guy to figure out where exactly you have him, I have long held the opinion that he isn’t as downhill as people claim he is and thinks he has shown that by pulling through a few times after the Cain fights.

Tai Tuivasa has improved he’s not just a heavy handed brawler his striking has gotten more refined but to be quite frank, I don’t think Tuivasa is particularly impressive and his undefeated record makes him look a lot better than he is. A prime JDS would outstrike Tai rather easily but in 2018 it’s not that easy to say if JDS will be able to stomp him.

That said, the price of -145 is too tempting on JDS and I think he’s still quite a bit ahead in the striking department.

Alex Perez vs Joseph Benavidez

If Joe B was still in his prime I would jump all over his current betting line but man he hasn’t looked good in his recent outings so I’m actually more inclined to bet Perez. Joe is a whopping 34 years old now that doesn’t seem too bad but when you consider that fact that A) he has shown at least some decline B) 34 is old for flyweight. Flyweights tend to go downhill a lot quicker than the higher weight classes and I think we’re catching a moment where you can make money by fading Benavidez.

Rick Rainey vs Tim Means

Rainey is a massive underdog but I don’t know if I would call it value, I think this is a trap and Means will steamroll through him relatively easy. I’m taking a hard pass on this one.