NBA Betting Tips November 30th, 2018

Last night was our first proper bad night. We went 0-2. It was a matter of time before we would have a losing night but we did go on a decent streak since we started giving our model’s picks for free. For tonight I only got one free tip to give out and it’s not exactly the two strongest teams this season.

Orlando Magic vs Phoenix Suns

Suns +1.5. Was that you say? Phoenix suns have played like crap the entire season? Well, you’re absolutely right. They have underperformed this season, there is no denying that and I think that’s exactly the reason why they’re being seriously underestimated.

The over/under is a little bit more difficult to form an opinion about. The model is saying basically the over/under is correctly priced at around 217-218. I don’t have anything to add myself so I’m going to give it a hard pass and not bet the over/under at all.